Monday, 19 July 2010

Latitude part 1

I'm going to attempt to do some form of write-up for Latitude. I'm 100% sure that other people's write-ups will be more detailed/structured/etc than mine but I'm writing this in hope that i can remember some bits.
I think in the 3 and a bit days I saw around 43 different things whether it be comedy, book readings or just short films. And out of these I had only seen 10 of them before so it was a weekend of a lot of new, amazing things. I'll point this fact out now instead of constantly saying "and then I went to see X, I had not seen them before" over and over again.
Another quick note: I don't criticise/review very well as I don't like being rude.

By the time we had battled with the wind (worst weather for setting up tent, many turned into kites) it was getting pretty late so we headed into the main arena area to catch Robin Ince's book club. I was surprised at how small the site was and it took no time at all to walk from one side to the other.
My mind has merged into one for the book club so can't recall everything that happened, so two of my favourite things from the show. First of: Men and Their Secret Ways. porn it was basically just porn. Robin got Martin White and Steve Pretty to go head to head and play music which they thought went along with the photo. All of their reactions to the photos were priceless and at one point Robin put the book right into Martin's face which caused pure terror for him.
An example of some of the mood they were asked to re-create: Penis caught in the wicker chair.
Another thing I loved during this show was Steve Pretty's football chant. He split us into groups of 6 and gave us a line we all had to chant along with someone up on stage. I can't remember everyone who was on the stage but some of the chants were: "the referee's a wanker" and "you're going home in the back of an ambulance" and so on. It worked and we somehow managed to all chant our different sentences in unison. The book club was a great way to start a weekend of fun at Latitude.

Not much sleep happened as it poured and poured and the wind picked up. I also kept having rather strange dreams, in one of them I woke up at 4pm and realised I had missed the festival. I won't go into the second dream, it was way too odd. So anyway I was pretty tired out when I got up.
But we headed for comedy tent at 11am and it was packed out to see Phil Jupitus. We decided to skip this show and look for some breakfast and head back to the tent in a little while. In the end I sat in the tent most of the day and saw (get ready for a list): Craig Campbell, Doc Brown, Stephen K. Amos, Seann Walsh, Miles Jupp, Russell Kane, Sara Pascoe, Daniel Sloss and finally David O'Doherty.
In amongst that lot there were people I was really excited to see and others I was intrigued about. Doc Brown and Do'D did not disappoint at all, I thought they did great sets mixing in some new stuff and the crowd loved them.
I was most intrigued to see Russell Kane and Daniel Sloss. I've never really clicked with Russell Kane on the telly and he does tend to grate me, but I was pleasantly surprised by him. I didn't love everything he said but there were some pretty good bits. I see Daniel Sloss everywhere in Edinburgh but very rarely for the rest of the year. Again, some of his material was enjoyable but other bits were a bit predictable such as the typical "I have a girlfriend, can you believe I have a girlfriend" and other similar things. Too many times that line is used I think.
Unfortunately Sara Pascoe didn't get the best reaction from the crowd. I'm not sure what it was that wasn't clicking but something was missing. I hadn't seen her before so can't tell you if she was having an off day or if it was just the wrong crowd for her.

Afterwards, I headed towards the Theatre Arena for Duke Special. I've been waiting to see him for so long, I was pretty damn excitable. He played songs from The Stage, A Book and the Silver Screen. It includes songs about Hector Mann, Huckleberry Finn (unfinished musical by Kurt Weill) and then some Mother Courage songs. I loved each of them and the performance and energy was also brilliant. Afterwards he played his version of "Love will tear us apart" again this was pretty awesome.
I then got lazy and instead of going to watch any bands I just sat on some benches and listened to them instead...
We ended the evening with Mystery Fax Machine Orchestra (in a tiny little tent that was packed out - more about them in the post above) and the first installment of Daniel Kitson and Gavin Osborn.
I'll include all of the Kitson and Osborn stories at this moment in time. There were 3 stories across the 3 nights of the festival. They were playing on the water front stage which everyone who was in the arena had to walk past. This lead to a few interesting things. A drunk appeared on stage at some point during the first two nights. The second time, he actually made it on half way through the show and went up to them asking what they were doing. He then quickly realised that he was not on the bridge which he thought he was on and quickly ran off. Harmless drunk but erm... security?
They started their shows at around midnight and I will admit that even though I loved the stories my tiredness made my concentration slip every so often so I did loose track. When I did keep up I really enjoyed them so I would be interested in hearing them again in a less tired state and distracting stage. It was rather distracting as it was cold, there was a light show next to us and a bar behind. But thankfully the rain did not appear during these hours.

I think that's all I'm going to write up at the moment. I'm pretty exhausted.

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