Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Simon Amstell and Fotc M&G

More fun nights out at gigs occurred. So here is my re-capping of them:

On Sunday night me and my friend went down to the soho theatre to see Simon Amstell's "warm up" show. It wasn't a new material warm up show, but more of a damn-I-need-to-remember-my-material-for-a-DVD warm up show. Which I knew but I'm not sure everyone did, more on that later.
We got to the venue with about 5 minutes to spare and the only two visible seats were right down in the front row ¬.¬ so we spent the time before thinking "oh I really hope he doesn't pick on us". And half way through the show he did pick out my friend because he is really skinny and that's how Simon likes them haha!

I thought Simon's stories were really good and funny and I loved it when he was telling them but there was something in his set I couldn't quite click with and I'm not sure what it was. What I've decided since the show is his links between each story and occasionally he went of on a tangent and I'm not sure I followed them. For example, he kept referencing some philosophy books during one story and I wasn't sure what he was talking about, and I'm not entirely sure the audience got them either.
When Simon was trying to remember something and it went a bit quiet a strange sort of tension came over, which Simon picked up on and kept reminding us that this was a warm up. A couple of people then reminded him (in a friendly way) that we had still paid £17 for it.

I'm also thinking this is going to be a short DVD, he performed for about 1hour 15 and a bit of it was him scratching his head.

In conclusion, (can you tell I'm writing a lot of essays at the moment so have to conclude everything I write) the show was enjoyable and he has some great stories, I especially loved the one about his cat. I just hope his tangeants/leads to stories were having a bit of an off day. ;)

And then on Monday I went back to see the Flight of the Conchords. I wrote a very detailed account of the last fotc show I went to so won't be doing it again.
Arj opened for us this time and I thought he was great (he'll be up in Edinburgh this summer!). It was fun watching him try to maneuver around all the instruments on stage, which he did trip over a couple of times.

The setlist was a lot shorter this time around and they didn't mess up in the songs. It was really nice hearing them full but some of my fave bits were when things went a bit wrong on stage.
Even though the setlist had been cut we did get some gems which I hadn't heard live yet such as Inner City Pressure, Hiphoppotamus and Epileptic Dogs. The only one I'm still yet to hear, which I really want is Carol Brown.

A couple of my favourite lines from show were: "it's like Ethiopia in my stomach" when talking about famine and when talking about acid trips "Don't take too much acid though, otherwise you'll get fingered by Tyrannosaurus Rex".

So that was my briefer outline of the show. We then decided to hang around afterwards which is where we saw Richard Curtis, Bill Neighy, Rob Brydon and the Inbetweeners. That was the excitement we had whilst waiting.
After a couple of hours outside it wasn't looking good for a Meet and Greet, the crowd had windled down to about 10.
But then Arj Barker came out with his glass of wine and said he really wasn't sure when they were going to come out as there were a lot of old friends there. He then decided he was going to hang with us until they came out as we were more interesting and it was like an awkward work party inside as it was a "well lit room", he also said he was wanting to get back to the hotel and sleep as he was still slightly jetlagged. Everyone was just taking photos of him and he was just possing for them by himself, so we wondered over and asked for a photo:

Other people got things signed and photos taken and he asked me about the Ukulele, so I asked him to sign it which he was worried about as he didn't want to mess it up (no pressure!).

The taxi that went in about half hour before, then came out with the crew in it and drove past us whilst Arj tried to wave it down and get in, which was pretty funny thinking they had left him with us. He then jumped into another car and left us saying he really had no idea where the guys were.

A few minutes later they just walked out from behind the gates, people went over to Jemaine so I headed for Nigel (the New Zealand orchestra) and took my uke out again. He then started to tune it and play a song which made Jemaine shout out "start singing as well Nigel" Bret then walked over to us and noticed my jumper and asked me where I got it from and if they were still selling them so he could go and get one himself. Him and Nigel then started singing and remembering the tune together whilst handing each other the uke when one remembered a chord. I just stood in the middle of them laughing and not sure what was going on. I then started to think "this is beyond awesome, but I do need to get my last train in half hour and I have to go slightly across town" so in the video, I start asking questions to try and hurry up the impromptu jam session but they ignored them and carried on playing, and after watching the clip , man did I embarrass myself with the unanswered questions >.<

Bret eventually signed it and I walked over to Jemaine and once he was free I asked him to sign it as well. When he saw me he said "oh hey, you've got another great jumper on I see" (in Manchester he kept saying he really liked my jumper, so I'm taking that as him remembering me =P)

Once he signed it, I realised Nigel hadn't so I went back over which led him playing it some more and saying he really liked this uke and it was lovely to play.

i did spend the whole day unsure of whether to take it or not, as I wasn't sure if I would meet them and if I wanted loads of writing over it. If you can't tell I'm BEYOND happy I did take it.

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    Sorry to leave a comment completely unrelated to your blog; this is just a bid for help. I'm Aislinn, the one who did this: http://fuckyeahnothingmuch.blogspot.com/2010/06/another-small-attempt-to-cheer-up-mark.html - if you saw it.

    Basically, the blog is also going to become a book to give to Mark in Edinburgh with more pictures and also notes in. Sort of a bit like a miniature scrapbook.

    If you/anyone you know is up for it, you can send a picture my way via e-mail (ohmygodshaun@hotmail.co.uk), facebook (/breakforcake) or twitter (@ashy99). it'd be greeaaaatly appreciated! messages for the book are also more than welcome. thank-you!
    ash xx

    P.S. I love Bret McKenzie's handwriting on your ukulele.