Sunday, 25 April 2010

Rhod Gilbert, marathon, possible new TYSIC & update on another TYSIC. - my week

Quick note from the author - no spell/grammar check has occurred and it is rather rambly (especially section on the marathon, I am tired. But thank you for reading)

On Friday I went to see Rhod Gilbert at Hammersmith Apollo. I hadn’t seen the show since Edinburgh and this was one of the last dates of the current run so was really looking forward to seeing how it had developed. As my memory is shockingly bad and it has been 8 months since the fringe I could remember the basics to the show so couldn’t quite work out what he has added to it. But he definitely has as it had more then doubled in time.

The show started at about 8.15 and had a short set from support act Andrew Bird (Twitter helped me name him, couldn’t think who of his surname) who I hadn’t heard of before. I was sad that Lloyd Langford wasn’t supporting but Andrew was really good and the crowd absolutely loved him. Rhod followed him straight away and didn’t leave the stage until after 11pm (with a short interval). Even though I’m happy the show was nearly 3 hours in total (made the ticket price very much worth it), I do feel it was a bit too long, especially with Rhod’s energy, can be hard to keep track of everything he is doing and saying. Nonetheless it was still a great show and Rhod is a brilliant performer. I have more annoyances though and this time it was the crowd. The people behind me drove me crazy, they kept eating popcorn very loudly, had shrieking laughs and would chat between themselves. Loud laughing is usually ok but they kept laughing when no one else was so it was constant. The crowd also kept turning into a pantomime, whenever there was a second of silence after he said something negative everyone would just “AWWW” very loudly. Rhod says negative things a fair bit so for a good 10 minutes he couldn’t say anything. At first it did elicit some really funny stuff from Rhod (like kicking the stool across the stage) but the joke did wear thin fairly soon. I can’t complain about the crowd too much, the reaction between people and Rhod was some of the highlights of the show. I won’t mention my favourite ones as it was being filmed for a DVD and don’t want to spoil it for people if they make the cut, but I will say the image of Rhod trying to act out how Pole Vaulting with a hard on would work will stay in my mind for too long.

Ignoring my annoyances (which probably aren’t a big deal to others) it was a really great show and people should definitely go and see him if he is near you. According to Ents 24 he is having a break between now and Edinburgh but will continue touring the show until the end of the year. (Plus the stage looked awesome, don’t know if it was special for DVD or he had taken it everywhere)

Then on Sunday I had landed a job working at the marathon. Ignoring the 4am alarm I was looking forward to it. I’ve always enjoyed the marathon but had never been so working the start line pleased me. We were told to get to Greenwich at 5.30am but we didn’t actually start doing any work until 8am. But for those 2 hours we did have the joys of a DJ over the PA system, they played hits such by the Proclaimers and S Club 7. One of my favourite bits did happen over the PA system when he interviewed someone:

DJ: “Do you think there is a difference between Flora sponsoring before and now Virgin?”

Man: “It’s more red.”

My job was utterly glamorous, I got to clean litter and make sure there was enough loo roll at the portaloos. I was working the Red Start (clearly the best out of the 3) so of course there wasn’t much to do until the runners actually turned up, but between 8 and 9.15 the toilets were rammed (which is also when it poured and poured and I was just wearing a little cardigan), each section (15 loos, I was looking after 2 sections) had queues of about 20 and all the runners were desperate to get in them, but of course my job was to clear litter out of them and they kept getting in them before me, so I turned it into a race (in my mind, they weren’t aware of it) and made it a challenge to get to the loo before them. The amount of people using the loos to rub deep heat on themselves was crazy so a large amount stank of it and as soon as you opened the door it hit you and if I ever smell deep heat again I may vom everywhere, I still have a slight smell of it on my clothes. I also accumulated a large amount of tubs of Vaseline. Once all the runners had left (10.15ish) I was finished for the day. Probably not worth the money but I enjoyed meeting a bunch of new people, seeing the runners start and the general atmosphere was great. I also got a momento, which is my pass onto the site, I love momentos so this pleased me.

We then had to work out how to leave Greenwich/Blackheath. So we decided to walk down to Greenwich town and catch a bus. We got there and this is what someone who I was with said “There looks like there’s a mass of people down there, wonder why? Hang on, it looks like they’re running!” so we completely forgot they ran through there and got trapped. I think that’s what people call “fail”.

I was absolutely shattered after the shift, even though it was only 5 hours I had stood up for all that time and it ached my body so I dread to think what the runners felt like.

As I've always been interested in the marathon, for some unknown reason I've got a desire to run it. I have never run in my life, I don't even run for busses. The only time I ran during cross country was when a dog came near me and I'm scared of dogs. But I am tempted to start running, so I need some motivation to actually get up and run around outside without embarrassing myself. Will need to find some quiet back roads where I don't know anyone so I can see how fair I can actually go without falling into a heap. Maybe it can be a new TYSIC.

For the last week I have set myself a challenge which was to be more positive. Before I returned to Reading I was having a lot of negative thoughts and not looking forward to it and when I returned the thought’s didn’t end. The thoughts are generally “oh everyone is popping into each other’s room and saying hi, only one person has asked if I’m back, therefore no one likes me and there’s no point to anything”. I had an especially bad day when I was considering dropping out yet again. So the challenge was to stop thinking that everyone hated me and just because I only talk to a couple of people at uni it wasn’t the end of the world. It surprisingly worked, it may have been because I had a really busy weekend and when I’m busy I’m as happy as can be (i.e. I’m not stuck in halls where no one talks to me) so will continue to have positive thoughts and see how long it will last (I’m putting my money on 7 weeks).

I know I need to text people more to get more invites out but I need to decide if I be that girl that tags along for a few weeks and hope they realise I’m not as bad company as everyone expects me to be.

I’ve got another decent week, will actually be doing stuff at uni (the last ‘lectures’ until October), then I have tickets for Museum of Curiosity (27th and 2nd) and a few other bits and bobs, now to decide if I can afford yet more trips to London and other studios. And I’ve been offered a job working at Taste of London in June, will hopefully be able to do that, but have been told that I have to make posters at the end of term for uni (yes for my degree).



  1. Lovely long blog Rachel.
    I'm glad you found being more proactive with your uni friends worked, please keep it up. After you have started to text more regularly they will probably be more inclined to ask you out, they just may not think of you if you usually hide in the background or don't tag along very much. The more you do it the easier it will get. Your planned fun times sound great and congratulations again on the job.

  2. Sounds really good. I'd quite like to have a shot at running the marathon, just once.