Monday, 8 March 2010

Good few days for TYSIC

In my previous blog I said that the challenge I was going to start this week was to meet more people in the entertainment business that I admired and liked. As I had tickets to see Derren Brown I thought I should start with him.
I arrived at his show and decided to look for the stage door for after the show which we found very easily. Once his show had finished (which was damn amazing) we hovered around the stage door. A HUGE gathering soon appeared. As there was a around 100 people (I'm bad at estimations but I'm pretty sure it was around that number, I couldn't see the end of the line as it went around a small corner) there was no chance to actually say anything apart "loved the show", but I met him and I haven't met many comedians/entertainers and he was certainly a good man to start with as he was one of the nicest people. Even though he said he wouldn't stop and just carry on signing things so he could get to a dinner reservation, if anyone wanted a photo or wanted to say something to him he happily stopped and chatted to them. I was at the front of the queue so I dread to think how long he was stood out for.

So there's my proof that my first TYSIC was a success. Now lets see if I can carry on meeting people I admire or if I'll soon give up as I worry that I'll come across as I stalkering fangirl.

I decided to get in contact with someone I haven't seen since Dec. We got on really well last term even though we didn't see each other much but we could chat for hours about nonsense. But when the module which we met in finished, we stopped seeing each other/texting so I decided to send one to see if he would reply and he did.

Good few days for me.



  1. yay! every tysic blog i click on tonight, i read tales of success.

    jealous of having met Derren, too.

  2. congratulations! i've met him a few times before, do you have an inappropriate crush on him too?!